TutuApp Pokemon GO Hack Download

Pokemon GO no doubt is one of the most popular applications on the planet. It is fun to play and is most importantly unique and different from all the other gaming apps we’ve been through. Although walking and catching pokemon is fun but there are some gamers who are too lazy for that. A lot of people want to catch Pokemon without actually moving or walking to places. So if you’re someone who wants to catch a lot of Pokemon just by sitting on your sofa at your home in all your comfort, you’re at the right place.

TutuApp Pokemon GO

If you’re a type of person we’ve mentioned above, Pokemon Go Hack download is the hack you need to download right away. There’s an array of advanced and extra features you get with this hack app which you won’t get with the original one. We’ve listed few of the major features and privileges that you get with this hack version.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack – Features

Before moving on to the features there’s something that you should know. Downloading the hack version isn’t completely safe and your account might get banned by Niantic if they came to know that you’re using the hack version instead of the original one. Although the chances of your account getting banned are very less as there are tons of people using it and it isn’t possible to catch everyone. So if you’re fine with the mentioned problem, here are some features that you should look upon after you download Pokemon GO hack version:-

Catch Pokemon Without Even Moving

The basic idea behind Pokemon Go is that you’ll need to physically and actually move in order to play the game. But, there are some lazy ones who don’t want to do it. For all of you, this is the perfect version. You won’t have to physically move even an inch. You can just move the player in the game just by sitting anywhere.

Save Option

With this version, you get a save option as well. By this, even if the app crashes or stops working, you can save the game. So the app won’t know your exact location even if it crashes or something.

Customize you Walking Speed

You can customize your walking speed as per your needs. You can also select from biking, walking or driving. This will help you move faster and catch more Pokemon in less time.

Additional Safety Measures

With this version, you also get some safety features. These safety features will stop Niantic from knowing that you’re using the version and cheating in the game.

Download TutuApp Pokemon GO Hack

This is how you can download Tutuapp Pokemon GO Hack. Follow all these steps carefully if you want to TutuApp Pokemon GO Hack Download:-

  1. Install Safari browser, open it and go to Tutuapp’s official website
  2. Look for a blue bar and download the Tutuapp.
  3. Now, change the settings in untrusted profiles and give the app the permission in order to install it.
  4. Open up the app and search for the Pokemon GO hack app. After you find it, you can see a green button just next to the game icon, click on it and your app will be downloaded.

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