How to Customize Text Message Tones on iPhone

How to Customize Text Message Tones on iPhone: Changing ringtones are considered as one of the best, and most fun approaches to redo your iPhone. It’s particularly enjoyable to allot an alternate ringtone to every individual in your address book so you can know who’s calling without taking a gander at your iPhone’s screen. Telephone calls aren’t the main sort of correspondence that can profit by this trap. You can likewise do a similar thing with instant messages by changing your iPhone content ringtones as well.

Instructions to Change the Text Message Sound on the iPhone

In case you’re sick of the default content tone sound impact, here is the way to change the sound impact for every single approaching Message, SMS messages, iMessages with media, writings, and whatever different messages are coming to you:

  • Tap on “Settings” and after that tap on “Sounds.”
  • Tap on “Content Tone” and select from the rundown, you will discover custom content tones showing up under “Ringtones” while defaults will show up under “Unique” area
  • Select a content tone you need to use to utilize and finish off of Settings

Customize Text Message Tones on iPhone

  • Tapping a content tone will play a see of the sound, the checkbox close to the tone shows it’s the present setting.

Once more, this progression the message sound impact for ALL messages going to the iPhone yet considers the possibility that you need to set custom text-based notification sounds for particular individuals. You can do that as well!

Set Custom Text Message Sound Tones Per Contact

SMS and iMessage ready sounds can likewise be modified on a for each premise, set on a people contacts page:

Customize Text Message Tones on iPhone

  • Tap on “Telephone” and afterward the “Contacts” tab on the bottom*
  • Find the contact to set a custom SMS/message tone for and tap on their name
  • Tap on “Alter” and tap on “Content Tone.”
  • Similarly, as above, tap on another content tone to set it as the default for the close contact

Zapya app free download 2017 working trick

Zapya is the fastest file transfer tool out there for you. Zapya is an amazing tool and is available across all mobile and PC platforms. This app allows you to share your files independent of how many they are! In this article we will tell you about this app and its various features.

One of the best app for sharing and receiving file between any mobiles. Has 300M + growing user base due to its so much demanded feature. Better than Bluetooth and cables and allow sharing between multiple devices. This app has completely changed the old tradition of using Bluetooth and cables for sharing and has made it more easy and efficient. It is packed with some amazing features and some of them are listed below:


This app has a long list of features and these features are amazing and in demand with the users:

  • Can be easily downloaded from playstore and itunes for completely free.
  • Share files without any limit on size along with no requirement of cable.
  • There is feature of cross platform sharing also..
  • Group sharing is also available.
  • It has a great transferring speed.
  • You can also do QR code sharing.
  • With the help of this app share your documents, pics, music and videos.
  • You also have a feature of phone replicate.


With this app you can share your document from your android device to the iOS too and that too quickly and with various stage devices. You don’t need to use Google playstore for sharing from one device to other which undoubtedly is an astonishing feature.


You can download this app in two ways one of which requires you to have Google playstore in your device. The other one is long one though both are easy and safe to download.

  • First of all you need to change some settings in your device. Go to settings and then security and then turn look for “Unknown Sources” and then you should turn it ON.
  • It may show that it might harm your device but in actual it won’t and is completely safe if turned off after the use.
  • Next you need to open your default browser. Google chrome is one of the most used and well known browser options for you.
  • Now go to your search engine such as Google or Bing and then type there “ZAPYA download”.
  • You will see a number of search results there choose the one which appears most genuine and safe out of them. And then open it
  • After you open that you will see a completely new page has opened up, click for download and your game will get download into your device.
  • Wait for the game to be downloaded
  • Now install the app and allow it for any requirements it may need.
  • Wait until your app gets installed.
  • Now you can enjoy using your app.
  • There also is a simple and easy way of downloading this app for android user but for that you need Google Playstore in your android device.
  • If you have one open it and type ZAPYA in the search bar.
  • You can see the app icon at the top. Click on it and install it.
  • Accept any requirements it may need.
  • Downloading and installation of the game will now start.
  • After some time the app will get downloaded and after that you can enjoy using it.


ZAPYA is indeed an amazing app and has lots of features. Using this app you can share whatever you want from one device to the other. In this article we told you enough about this app and even told you the step-wise manner of how you can download it. Now you can follow the above steps and download this wonderful app so later you can share your apps easily with your friends. Now go through those and download it in your device and enjoy sharing!