Zapya app free download 2017 working trick

Zapya is the fastest file transfer tool out there for you. Zapya is an amazing tool and is available across all mobile and PC platforms. This app allows you to share your files independent of how many they are! In this article we will tell you about this app and its various features.

One of the best app for sharing and receiving file between any mobiles. Has 300M + growing user base due to its so much demanded feature. Better than Bluetooth and cables and allow sharing between multiple devices. This app has completely changed the old tradition of using Bluetooth and cables for sharing and has made it more easy and efficient. It is packed with some amazing features and some of them are listed below:


This app has a long list of features and these features are amazing and in demand with the users:

  • Can be easily downloaded from playstore and itunes for completely free.
  • Share files without any limit on size along with no requirement of cable.
  • There is feature of cross platform sharing also..
  • Group sharing is also available.
  • It has a great transferring speed.
  • You can also do QR code sharing.
  • With the help of this app share your documents, pics, music and videos.
  • You also have a feature of phone replicate.


With this app you can share your document from your android device to the iOS too and that too quickly and with various stage devices. You don’t need to use Google playstore for sharing from one device to other which undoubtedly is an astonishing feature.


You can download this app in two ways one of which requires you to have Google playstore in your device. The other one is long one though both are easy and safe to download.

  • First of all you need to change some settings in your device. Go to settings and then security and then turn look for “Unknown Sources” and then you should turn it ON.
  • It may show that it might harm your device but in actual it won’t and is completely safe if turned off after the use.
  • Next you need to open your default browser. Google chrome is one of the most used and well known browser options for you.
  • Now go to your search engine such as Google or Bing and then type there “ZAPYA download”.
  • You will see a number of search results there choose the one which appears most genuine and safe out of them. And then open it
  • After you open that you will see a completely new page has opened up, click for download and your game will get download into your device.
  • Wait for the game to be downloaded
  • Now install the app and allow it for any requirements it may need.
  • Wait until your app gets installed.
  • Now you can enjoy using your app.
  • There also is a simple and easy way of downloading this app for android user but for that you need Google Playstore in your android device.
  • If you have one open it and type ZAPYA in the search bar.
  • You can see the app icon at the top. Click on it and install it.
  • Accept any requirements it may need.
  • Downloading and installation of the game will now start.
  • After some time the app will get downloaded and after that you can enjoy using it.


ZAPYA is indeed an amazing app and has lots of features. Using this app you can share whatever you want from one device to the other. In this article we told you enough about this app and even told you the step-wise manner of how you can download it. Now you can follow the above steps and download this wonderful app so later you can share your apps easily with your friends. Now go through those and download it in your device and enjoy sharing!


Mobdro for Android, iOS and PC

Now a day, we all are busy and don’t have enough time to sit and watch TV at home. We are so busy and exhausted after work that after it, we aren’t left with enough time and stamina to watch TV. The solution of this problem is something that can provide you with instant entertainment, when we are travelling or when we have free time in our offices. There are many apps available for this and one of them is Mobdro.

Mobdro is one of the best among entertainment applications today. Its working is astonishing. It is compatible with Android version 4.1 or higher devices. So, for proper running, we need Android OS 4.1 or newer. Videos can be easily accessed from your mobile device. That’s why, Mobdro app is considered as one of the best app in terms of video streaming and that too in great video quality.



  • It is a very useful application. If you love to spend time on internet watching free videos then you will definitely love this app. Internet is growing with people connecting day by day. A number of videos are regularly uploaded on different types of streaming websites. Mobdro helps you to easily search for these videos and you can watch them.
  • It is completely free app and allows you to watch TV channels, movies, shows, music, sports, news, tech and many other videos on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can also use it on your laptop/PC and smart TV too. There is also a premium version. This version is completely ad free but has a cost for it.
  • So, there are two versions. First one is basic one and is called freemium. Other one is labeled as premium, which we have discussed above. Basically premium version has some extra features for enhancing user experience.

FEATURES of Mobdro app

  • You can discover new videos that are uploaded by people through various websites. It might be possible that these videos will be about various topics and also from various languages.
  • Videos can be organised easily and can be bookmarked easily. Videos can be bookmarked first and then they can be organized further by categorizing them into several categories according to languages and topics of videos.
  • You can just share interesting videos so that your friends and family members can watch them. This can be done by just one click.
  • Premium version has a special feature. You can easily download your favourite streamed videos and then watch them online instead of offline. You get chrome cast support with the premium version. You can freely use you application without getting annoyed by advertisement, if you are using premium version.

How to download and install mobdro app?

  • This app comes only for Android but if you want to use it on your PC/laptop, then you have to use an android emulator. You can use Bluestacks. Before that, you have to download emulator first. Then, open emulator and then install the app.
  • On Android after downloading, Go to settings and check “Unknown sources” before installation. Do this, if you are downloading APK. Mobdro is not available on playstore so we must check “Unknown Resources” before installing.
  • For Mac, there are emulators too. Download and install the emulator and you can then be able to access Mobdro on your Mac.
  • Installing it on PC/laptop or Mac gives you better experience due to large screen size.

Mobdro TV Free Sports

  • If you are a sport lover, then it is a best app for you. You can watch live sports channels including ESPN, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, BT Sports, NBS TV and Eurosport for free.
  • We can easily watch FIFA World Cup, Copa America 2016, UEFA Euro 2016, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredividie, EPL (English Premier League/ Barclays Premier League), etc.
    We can also watch racing sports like Formula 1 and moto GP.
  • Also note that, Mobdro is an indexation tool. It means that, it will only look for streams that are available. If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list before and now has been vanished, it means that it was online but right now it is offline.

Mobdro Online TV App

Mobdro online TV app content is updated daily and most of all are live broadcast television. You can also watch premium TV channels for free using Mobdro TV such as BBC, SyFy, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, ABC family etc. Content is in HD quality.


Mobdro is indeed an amazing app and has lots of features. In this article we told you enough about this app and even told you the step-wise manner of how you can download it. Now you can follow the above steps and download this wonderful app and enjoy!


GBWhatsApp apk download for Android, iOS and PC

As we all know the popularity of Whatsapp. This app is used by everyone. Whatsapp is available for both iOS and Android platform. You can run it on PC also using Whatsapp web. It is easily accessible and you are needed to scan a QR code which is displayed on your PC’s screen, using your mobile.

In this article we will talk about GBWhatsApp. Basically it’s a mod for whatsapp. GBWhatsapp is a provider which provides this mod. You can download it from his site. This app is regularly being updated by the developer of this app.

You can easily run it on your Android device and you don’t have to root your device. There are a lot of things that you can do with this mod. You can hide your last seen, Hide Second tick, Hide Blue Tick, etc.

Features of GBWhatsApp app:

  • You can put characters of 255 characters instead of 139 characters.
  • You can send images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 images.
  • You can change Whatsapp’s icon and set its notifications settings too.
  • You can set group name instead of 35 characters


How to Download GBWhatsApp app:

For Android

  • GBwhatsapp app APK download
  • The first step is to open a preferred browser on your Android device. It could be any browser. You can use your default browser or Chrome Browser.
  • Make sure that the default search engine of your browser is set to Google, Bing, etc. Why? Because you can trust them.
  • In the search bar, type “GBwhatsapp App APK download” and click on the search button of the browser.
  • Once you get all the search results, you can choose any one, which you find authentic and trustable with good reviews. Click on it to enter that website.
  • In the website, try to find the ‘download’ button. Be careful, as there can be two or more ‘Download’ buttons. Press the one, which has no Ads and does not blinking. So after clicking, you will be asked by your browser to start the downloading process. Click Download and then the downloading will start. Wait till downloading process takes place. You can close the browser when you file will get downloaded.
  • Once you got your APK, follow the next instructions.

There is another way to download GBwhatsapp app’s APK. Torrent is a good option but to use it, you have to be regular on it. It is not recommended for the beginners to try this as they will get confused in the torrent world and will end in giving up on downloading this game. So it is better for you to follow these above instructions if you don’t know, how to download a file from a torrent site

  • Installation Guide
  • Go to settings-> security and check ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Go to the ‘Download’ folder and here you will find GBwhatsapp app’s APK.
  • Click on it and then click on install button.
  • After installation, check menu for GBwhatsapp app. Enjoy.

For iOS

Or iPhones and iPad you just needed to download an Android emulator. After installing it through your PC or laptop, you can run your entire APK files on your iOS device. It is very easy to use this.

  • For PC/Laptop
  • For this, first you have to download an Android Emulator e.g. Bluestacks.
  • After downloading, install it.
  • Open up and then open up the browser in it.
  • Fire it up and search GBwhatsapp APK download.
  • After downloading, load the correct file and then install it in bluestack.
  • Now you can easily use all of its features.


This is a good app. It is not directly available for iPhones but you can run it using the steps that are given above. There are many features and on an easy say, it will basically save your time and can do things in a much simpler way. There are also some super cool GBwhatsappp themes available for Android devices. You will get fresh look in the app easily.